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Okay so I figured I would offer up my thoughts on the Google buyout of Motorola.  Overall  it appears to be a good thing, but I must admit I wish they had bought Samsung instead because it seems that they are looking for a way to make their own viable Google phone rather than continue to just have manufacturers take advantage of their operating system.

That also doesn’t bode well for companies like Samsung and others who are using Android as their primary smartphone OS.  Nokia had a good option if it had stayed with Meego instead of moving to Windows.  That was one of the worst decisions Nokia has made, but it was a result of bringing in a former Microsoft guy to run things.  Go figure.

Of course Nokia has been horribly ambiguous in deciding which product they would support any way.  They were going to switch from Symbian to Maemo, but then were like no we’ll support both, then they merged the Maemo platform with Intel’s Moblin to become Meego.   There were some reservations about this decision, but then when previews of Meego were released, many of those reservations fell by the wayside.  Then they brought in the Microsoft guy who decided Windows was the way to go.  Really?

Windows has a horrible user interface for their smartphone line up when compared to Android and iOS and lets face it Microsoft has been trying to get a successful version of Windows to run on smartphones for years and they have fallen flat on their faces.


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