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I have the Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation implant which is used to reduce tremors.  I have Essential Tremors.  The battery is typically supposed to last 3 to 5 years.  The previous one lasted 3 and half years, but this one only lasted two.  I had to stop what I was doing because my tremors are so bad I can’t work.  It primarily affects my head, voice, and hands.  I’m having trouble typing this.  I had to get Obamacare and got the Blue Cross Blue Shield Multi State 101 Premier plan which was supposed to be a gold plan.  I didn’t realize it was an HMO till after I got it.  It’s incredibly difficult to find someone who is in network for the HMO around here.  I finally found a primary care provider who would do the initial referral who was in network and who took their HMO.  Blue Cross was requiring a referral from a primary care provider to my surgeon even though I had the initial surgery in 2010 and just needed to have a surgery to get the battery replaced.  My neurosurgeon isn’t in network though.  I called Blue Cross Blue Shield and they said to have the primary care provider do an out of network referral explaining that the surgeon was the one who did the initial surgery.  The PCP did that, and all of this is so the surgeon can be considered in network.  I’m running on savings right now and I don’t know if I will be able to afford more than the deductible.  Blue Cross left a message for me yesterday referring me back to the PCP to get an in network surgeon.  I had already called to see if there was one from Blue Cross, and they told me one, but when I called his office they didn’t do that type of surgery.  I called Blue Cross’s pre authorization line back today, but got their voicemail.  This is incredibly frustrating to say the least.